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Here’s what some of our customers have to say.

Quality Work

Good communications, quality work. Didn't try to nickel and dime you for extras. The company had all necessary licenses, bonds, and Workers comp. policies. A class act. Highly recommend.
- Allan Brofsky

Honesty and Integrity

I was purchasing a new townhome with a roof leak. I asked for an estimate and Clint worked it into his schedule right away, knowing our closing date was looming. Everyone else I called stated it would be possibly weeks before they could make it out to look at the roof. Clint with Sunrise roofing was a tremendous help offering honest evaluation and assistance to guide my roofing repair needs. Even at the risk of not getting the job, he refused to do work which needed other work (windows replaced first) before he would agree to replace the roof. He did not want to stake his reputation on something which he felt like would ultimately leak if the windows which were level with the roof were not replaced with shorter windows. Most roofers would have done the job and ran with my money, but Clint went above and beyond. He was very helpful and explained everything patiently and returned all of my phone calls. Even now, six weeks after the sale, he still returns my calls and is assisting with locating some affordable windows. He stated, "If I had to choose between replacing the windows and repairing the roof, I would replace the windows, because that is where your biggest leak is coming from." Honesty......something in great shortage in this day and time.
- April Benton


I contacted Sunrise Roofing when several shingles blew off my roof during a storm. They came out that same day to give me an estimate. I now have a new metal roof and I couldn't be happier. They did a fantastic job from start to finish and were very professional and cleaned up completely. I definitely recommend them for any roofing need.

Decra metal roof

Great product, team and company.. Larry and Martin were xcellent. Good communication and the install crew were neat, on schedule and professional. All who have seen it were impressed with how good it looks..
- Dennis Mitchell

MORE than satified

Flat roof 18 years old ..tar gravel mix - leaking and falling apart - made connections with sunriseroofing re..Clint +15053228063. He made everything happen in a timely and professional way . Very pleased with the outcome after I saw the roof. Recommend this company to anyone needing a flat roof fix!!
- Deanna raskovich

Great Job

7-14-2016 My shingles were a special order. The Sun Rise Team placed the order to get them on the roof before the rainy season, and installed the roof in a short and very profession manner. The roof looks great. Also, I want to mention the (Clean-Up) after the job. The clean-up was complete, much more than I expected. Thank you Martin, Larry, and great employees. Jon Toops Albuquerque, NM.
- Jon Toops

Thank You!

Thank you Marjorie, Larry and the entire staff at SunRise Roofing for making every aspect of our roofing project so easy. It was a pleasure to deal with each and every one of you. Thanks again!
- Dan & Ana Stevens

Great Job and Great Team

Thanks for a great job! Showed up when you said you would and cleaned up everything! Your team was so professional and each were very nice and very hard working. I've had no issues and my roof is beautiful.
- Tracy J

Best Roofer

Larry and Martin have and are the best team I have ever come accross. My Studio was built in 1906 and was in desparate need of a new roof which no one else would touch! This company not only replaced by roof but did it so well it looks like it came with the original house. Look no further for a roofing company that is professional and efficient and cost effective. DO NOT look anywhere else!
- Samuel W Kochansky

Excellent job

We are so happy with that the service that we received from Sun Rise Roofing. They were very professional. everyone I delt with was excellent and professional and our roof looks beautiful! Heavon and Dave are a godsent.
- Cecilia Martinez

Roof repair estimate 7815 Snowberry St

This guy (David) from SunRise spent a fair amount of time on my severely sloped roof doing his inspection-- then after that, he trimmed a dozen or so tree branches so they were on on my roof anymore-- no charge. Where do you get that kind of service anymore?? Highly recommended company, in my eyes. Thorough, professional, and fearless.
- kathy DeMars

Very Professional

I had a composite roof which had developed some leaks; Sunrise Roofing gave me a new membrane roof. Their estimate was reasonable in comparison with others. Larry and Martin have a professional team that get the job done well. Very satisfactory!
- Jeff Bethune

Terrific Company!

We are so glad that we found SunRise to help us with wind damage to our concrete tiles. This experience could not have been better! Larry was able to quickly come out, assess the damage, and repair our roof. We found him to be very kind, which was nice as we were under a great deal of stress from having this problem right after we bought our new house! I cannot recommend SunRise Roofing highly enough; they are honest, knowledgeable, efficient, pleasant and quick.
- Katherine Owre

Excellent Service Quality Product

I had an excellent experience with Sunrise Roofing. We initially thought that there were two layers of old roof to tear off, but there were five. The laborers worked diligently to get down to the sub roof. There they replaced some of the old wood that had rotted out and reframed the skylights. The workers were skilled with the woodworking as well as the roofing. The old roof was totally flat and I previously had significant problems with pooling. So Sunrise used insulation to create drainage and put in crickets. Then covered with TPO. I now have the double benefit of a roof that drains and a more energy efficient home. They did a great job on cleanup and the pricing was excellent, especially for the quality work they did. They worked me into their schedule more quickly than expected. Martin, the owner, personally inspected the finished roof.
- Margaret B.

In love with my new roof

Customer service was great, final product is amazing. Had 4 Solatubes installed, and the work was artfully done. Thank you Martin, Heavon, and Dave!
- Julie McIntyre


Feel very fortunate to have had SUNRISE ROOFING to turn to after a wind driven rain storm. First on site contact was a Mr. Clint Roberts. He was prompt, very professional, and informative. The roof repair crew showed up on time the two visits needed to complete the job. James Madsen